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Jonathan Doran and Ian Parberry, "A Prototype Quest Generator Based on a Structural Analysis of Quests from Four MMORPGs", Proceedings of the Second International Workshop on Procedural Content Generation in Games, pp. 1-8, Bordeaux, France, 2011.


An analysis of over 750 quests from four popular RPGs (Eve Online, World of Warcraft, Everquest, and Vanguard: Saga of Heroes) reveals that RPG quests appear to share a com- mon structure. We propose a classification of RPG quests based on this structure, and describe a prototype quest gen- erator based on that classification. Our aim is to procedu- rally generate quests that are complex, multi-leveled, and plausible to players of RPGs. We analyze a nontrivial quest from Everquest and one from our prototype quest generator for comparison.

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Figure 1: Roadmap

Road map.

Figure 2: Key for Figs 3 and 5


Figure 3: Analysis of "A Cure for Lempeck Hargrin"

Tree image.

Figure 4: Screenshot of Prototype Quest Generator

Prototype quest generator

Figure 5: Analysis of Procedurally Generated Quest

Tree image.

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