Tiled 2D Amortized Noise
A Program to Generate Infinite Grayscale Noise Textures with Amortized Noise
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2D Amortized Noise Generator

This project demonstrates how the 2D amortized noise algorithm can be used to produce an infinite greyscale tiled texture. It will prompt the user via stdin/stdout for the texture size (which must be a power of 2), a seed value, the largest and smallest octaves, and tile coordinates in row-column format. The input values are checked for errors. If they pass, the tile texture will be saved in a png file (windows) or tga file (other OS). The amount of user CPU time used in generating the noise is reported to stdout. Saved files will be named i[F]s[N]o[LS]s[D]r[R]c[C].X (for example, i1s256o25s5432r54c33.png), where:

F0 for finite or 1 for infinite
Ntile side
Llargest octave
Ssmallest octave
Xpng or tga

For more details on amortized noise, see Ian Parberry, "Amortized Noise", Journal of Computer Graphics Techniques, Vol. ?, No. ?, pp. ?, To Appear.